The Problems of Democracy and the Rat Race

The Problems of Democracy and the Rat Race

There is a lot of discussion about the problems of democracy and the rate of race. Any modern state is based upon the three basic pillars which are capitalism, public welfare, and representative democracy. The fundamental role of any modern welfare state is to ensure the availability of funds to government institutions. These funds are for social welfare purposes including education and health care of the citizens of the state. On the other hand, the absolute transfer of power to the representatives is a consequential problem of democracy. Such a notion paves the way for rate race which is a combination of freedom and representative democracy.

Defining Democracy

Define democracy in the following sense:

Democracy – broadly speaking, the rule of the majority. A process by which people are able to reach decisions through participation and democratic processes.

The modern welfare state is a distinctive combination of democracy, welfare, and capitalism. Since it is a type of mixed economy, the welfare state funds the government institutions for the social services of the individuals. Democracy, broadly speaking, is the rule of the majority.

Problems with Democracy

In a democracy, there is no method of withdrawal of power from those in power. When everyone gets to choose from the government as to what they want, all decisions will most certainly be made by those in power. This is the major problem of democracy.

The United States, for instance, consists of 50 states, who operate their own governments. Each state may have its own constitutions, but these governing documents are limited to state-level issues and do not have the force of law. Consequently, the states may try to impose their own moral code on their citizens. In the United States, though, federal laws (statutory law), federal court cases, and presidential executive orders can bind all states and all citizens. The federal government’s power is both immense and vague.

What is the Rat Race?

In order to understand the problem of democracy and the rate race thoroughly. It is important to understand the notion of the rat race. The Rat Race is a combination of freedom and socialism. It’s not socialism in the sense of sharing of wealth as Marxists would have you believe. But It’s more an exercise in materialism, where free time is taken as a matter of course. It’s an outcome of overwork, the atomization of life in modern society, and the allure of easy money.

The Rat Race of Today

But money will never buy you love or fulfillment, and to be successful is to be hopelessly alone. When one is free to play and to follow one’s passions, however frivolous, one does not run the risk of economic ruin. Far from it. The more time you spend free and uninhibited, the richer you will be.

Sadly, the Rat Race is so fashionable in our society today, that hardly anyone notices how ridiculous it is.

Why has the Rat Race come about?

The expansion of the welfare state, or in other words the increase in income redistribution, that followed World War II, had the unintended consequence of entrenching the relationship between democracy and the rat race. As my friend Samuel Goldman put it, democracy is an exercise of the majority against the minority; this may be painful and costly, but as in all situations we can end up with something even more positive, namely a community of common interest among the people who participate.

What can we do to resolve the problems of democracy and the rat race? There are many suggestions, some even controversial, but not all of them work.

Alternative Solutions: Localism vs. Nationalism

The state is such an organization that focuses on enhancing the livelihoods of the people.

Why is a welfare state necessary?

Over the years, governments in many parts of the world have turned to the welfare state as a way to relieve their citizens of the pressure to work and reduce poverty. The welfare state is a great and powerful system of insurance: no matter how economically successful, rich, or poor you are, you can always receive your social benefits.

Governments in the developing world love to implement the welfare state. By embracing this system, these governments are trying to increase their people’s sense of security. If their citizens are happy, they will be more willing to accept fewer opportunities for personal advancement. If their citizens are lazy and unconcerned about their future, it is less likely that they will be productive.


Focusing on the problems of democracy and rat race, modern democracy is emerging as the worst of the so-called new social orders. Modern democracies come with dramatic benefits for individual liberty, but they also are associated with permanent instability, poverty, corruption, and numerous other problems. Instead of being viewed as a beneficial system, democracy can be called the modern embodiment of various forms of vices. From this perspective, democracy has not succeeded in giving the citizenry of Western countries a better way to live. In fact, democracy has not provided a path to welfare or economic progress.

It is time for Western citizens to recognize that the game has changed. It is no longer necessary to choose between a democracy and a regime of oligarchic capitalism.

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